Monday, November 5, 2007

Podcast back online!

Dear listeners,

I don't know what happened, but my complete podcast just disappeared recently. I'm not happy with it, as I lost my precious listeners/feeds too!
It might be because I didn't update is enough (I know...), but I hope to release another mix very soon!

Alot of things happened lately in my personal life (I'm getting married!), but my DJ set is already set up. I'm already busy selecting some good royalty free trance music, so watch out very soon.

Kind regards,


oko said...

Concratulation to your marriage!
I just wanted to say what a happy surprise it was when I opened Itunes and noticed that it started downloading a new set from Dj Pheatus! Excellent!
Been two years I think and I have really missed your stuff. Keep up the good work man!

Pheatus said...

Thanks oko :-)
Sorry for the resync with the podcast, but I had to remade my podcast/blog so I guess it will redownload everything again.
I hope to be uploading some sets very soon.

Andrew said...

Interesting to note your point about getting 'royalty free' trance music... is it actually illegal to podcast with normal tracks you've downloaded from Beatport etc? There are a huge number of podcasts & downloadable DJ sets online which do use commercial tracks in their sets - are they breaking the law? Do you know whether any action has ever been taken against them?

Pheatus said...

In our country we have to pay royalties when we play commercial tracks in public (for example: in pubs, restaurants, on radiostations and also on the internet). But it's possible that I'll use some commercial tracks, because I'm hosting the tracks on the server of a radiostation and they pay royalties so... I'm not sure though.
Anyway, thanks for post and the interest!